Responding to Drug-Abusing Female Offenders: Early Results of the Women's Network in Maricopa County, Arizona

Marie L. Griffin, Arizona State University West
Trisha Sullivan, Arizona State University West

While women represent only a small percentage of the total offender population, the number of women coming under the control of the criminal justice system has increased rapidly in recent years. In an attempt to respond to the needs of this unique population, Maricopa County, Arizona Adult Probation Department received funding from the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment to design and implement an integrated network of services, treatment and supervision for substance abusing female offenders. Data collected from approximately 250 female offenders randomly assigned to treatment and control groups are analyzed to assess service referral and services received, as well as the likelihood of continued criminal and drug activity. Preliminary results are presented and implications for correctional policy are discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006